Leon Clark
Licensed Real Estate Agent
Melbourne, VIC

With more than 30 years of service in the real estate industry Leon Clark is more than capable of ensuring the best results for his clients be they sellers or buyers. Leon Clark is personable, friendly, outgoing and approachable. All the right personality traits that ensure great service and outcomes for sellers and buyers.

Sellers are impressed with Leon’s wok ethic, professional style and attention to detail. Also the ability to focus on what is most important for the seller – that is the final sale price of the property. Leon is prepared to devote however much time and effort is required to achieve the sellers ultimate and final sale price.

As well purchasers find Leon a pleasure to deal with and appreciate the extra mile he is prepared to travel in order to ensure that all their needs and conditions are met.Leon Clark will make sure that all parties are comfortable and completely at ease with the process of buying and selling real estate.

Working directly with clients be they sellers or buyers gives Leon the utmost satisfaction. Also the best opportunity to achieve the goals of sellers and buyers. After working with other real estate agencies Leon now feels the freedom he enjoys as an independent real estate agent. It provides him with the opportunity and desire to achieve the best results for both parties – sellers and buyers.